Chris Smith

New Feature: AnswerHub Ideation

Ideas are a valuable resource for any organization, but much like personal knowledge, new ideas are often underutilized in an enterprise setting. Here at AnswerHub, we love ideas and thought they deserved a place in knowledge management along with questions and answers.

That's why we're very excited to introduce our latest feature: Ideation. Now AnswerHub users can submit ideas that can be voted on by other users and tracked throughout their life cycle. AnswerHub's ideation gives everyone a way to share their ideas and ensures that good ideas don't slip through the cracks.

Users can also follow an idea as it moves through different stages, from submission up to completion, so everyone sees where each idea is in it's life-cycle. AnswerHub's Ideation feature is great for companies looking to expand product features, as well as organizations simply looking for fresh ideas from all sources. To give you a better idea of how Ideation works, let's take a look at some of the aspects of this great new feature.

Submitting an Idea

AnswerHub Ideas have the same four basic elements as questions:

  1. Title
  2. Body
  3. Ability to Select a Space
  4. Topics

Just like when posting a question, the Title and Topics are required fields by default, with users having the option of including more details about the Idea in the Body and designating a specific Space for the Idea. Users can also attach files like documents and images or embed video directly into the body of an Idea.

Moving Ideas Through States

Once an idea is submitted, moderators and administrators can move ideas into different states.

AnswerHub's Default Idea States
  • Submitted
  • Started
  • Completed
  • Backlog

These states can be easily customized to match your organization's culture and terminology in the AnswerHub dashboard, and you can even customize the look and feel of the Idea State Tag, as shown below.

Want to see AnswerHub's Ideation feature in action?